I can't understand abbreivations!

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I can't understand abbreivations! Empty I can't understand abbreivations!

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What is an abbreviation? an abbreviation is letters that shorting a word down.
a=train air brake equitment only
b=drophead buckeye couplers.
c=scharfenberg couplers
d=fitted with retractable dellner coupleres
k=fitted with swinghead automatic "buckeye" combination couplers
p=train air, vacuum and electro-pneumatic brakes.
r=RETB fitted
s=slow speed control equitment
v=train vacuum brake only
x=train air and vacuum brakes ("dual brakes")
+=additional fuel tank capacity
two "S HANGING=sandite laying equitment
A "B" prefix indicates battery vehicle
A "P" prefix indicates a trailer vehicle on which is mounted the pantograph instead of the default case where the pantograph is mounted on a motor vehicle
The first part of the code describes whether or not the car has a motor or a driving cab as follows
DM=driving motor
DT=driving trailer
The next letter is "B" for cars with a brake compartment this is followed by the salloon details:
K=side compartment with lavatory
so=semi open (part compartment, part open)
DMLF=driving motor lounge first
DMLV=driving motor luggage van
MBRBS=motor buffet standard with luggage space and guard's compartment
TFH=trailer first with handbrake
AC=alternating current
BR=british railways
BSI=bergishche stahl industrie
DC= direct current
DEMU=diesel Electric Multiple Unit
DMU=diesil multiple unit
EMU=Electric multiple unit
KM/H=kilometres per hour
LT= london transport
LUL=london underground limited.
m.ph or mph=miles per hour
SR=BR Southern Region
A=angel trains
BT=bombardier tranportation
EU=eurstar (UK)
H=HSBC rail (UK)
HE=British airports authority
NR=network rail
P=porterbrook leasing company
RM= royal mail
SB=SNCB/NMBS (societe Nationale des chemins de fer belges/nationale maatschappij der belgische spoorwegen
sw=south west trains
1 "one"
C2 c2c rail
ct central trains know as east midland trains now
eu eurostar
fc first capital connect
gb first gbrf
gx gatwick express
hc heathrow connect
he heathrow express
me merseyrail electrics
no northern
se southeastern
sf sncf
sl silverlink know as london midland now
sn southern
sr first scotrail
sw south west trains
vw virgin west coast
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