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Railtours for march 2008 Empty Railtours for march 2008

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March Name From To Loco Timings TOC Tour Promoter
Saturday 1st **CANCELLED**
The Golden Slipper Watford Junction Gloucester 57/3 (Virgin) EWS Pathfinder Tours
Gloucester Machan 66/5 (FTL)
Machan Barry Island 60 (EWS)
Barry Island Tondu Garw Loop 66/5 (FTL)
Tondu Garw Loop Margam 60 (EWS)
Margam Newport 66/5 (FTL)
Newport Birmingham New Street 66 (EWS)
Birmingham New Street Watford Junction 57/3 (Virgin)
Saturday 1st The Talisman London King's Cross Peterborough 47 (WCRC)
(Steam 60019 Peterborough-Newcastle-York) WCRC The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust
York London King's Cross
Saturday 1st Les Ross's Day Tripper Birmingham New Street Liverpool Lime Street 86259+47773 (T&T) Times WCRC Vintage Trains
Liverpool Lime Street Preston 47773+86259 (T&T)
Preston Crewe 86259+47773 (T&T)
Crewe Liverpool Lime Street 47773+86259 (T&T)
Liverpool Lime Street Birmingham New Street 86259+47773 (T&T)
Saturday 1st The Thomas Hardy Circular Tour
(Stobart Pullman) Northampton Weymouth 2 x 47 (DRS) (T&T) Times DRS Stobart Rail Tours
Weymouth Northampton
Saturday 1st **CANCELLED**
The St David's Day Flyer, York & Heartbeat Country Swansea York 67 (EWS) EWS Past-Time Rail
York Swansea
Saturday 1st The Cheshireman Mill Hill Broadway Leicester 67 (EWS)
(Steam 71000 Leicester-Chester-Toton) Times EWS The Railway Touring Company
Toton Centre Mill Hill Broadway
Saturday 1st Port of Seaham Pioneer Birmingham New Street Jarrow Shell Oil Terminal 2 x 66 (EWS) (T&T) Times EWS Branch Line Society
Jarrow Shell Oil Terminal Seaham
Seaham Leicester
Saturday 8th The Buffer Puffer 6.1 London King's Cross Ferme Park Sdgs. 2 x 37/4 (EWS) (T&T) Times EWS Pathfinder Tours
Ferme Park Sdgs. Uckfield
Uckfield Oxted
Oxted East Grinstead
East Grinstead London Bridge
London Bridge London Victoria
London Victoria London Charing Cross
London Charing Cross London Cannon Street
London Cannon Street London Blakfriars
London Blakfriars Gordon Hill
Gordon Hill London King's Cross
Saturday 8th **CANCELLED**
The York/Scarborough Adventurer
(Blue Pullman)
Now runs on 26th July
Bristol Temple Meads Scarborough 2 x 47 (CR) CAF Heartland Rail
Scarborough Bristol Temple Meads
Saturday 8th The Cumbrian Coast Explorer Birmingham International Carlisle 2 x 37 (DRS) Times WCRC Spitfire Railtours
Carlisle Birmingham International
Saturday 8th The Esk Valley Scotsman Whitby Perth 2 x 47 (WCRC) (T&T) Times WCRC Railtourer
Perth Whitby
Sunday 9th **CANCELLED**
The West Somerset Explorer Minehead Eastleigh 67 (EWS)
(Steam 34067 Eastleigh-Minehead) EWS Kingfisher Railtours
Thursday 13th Manchester and the Pennines
(Stobart Pullman) London King's Cross Manchester Victoria 2 x 47 (DRS) (T&T) Times DRS Stobart Rail Tours
Manchester Victoria London King's Cross
Saturday 15th The Choppington Changer London King's Cross Doncaster R.M.T. 92 (EWS) Times EWS Pathfinder Tours
Doncaster R.M.T. Newcastle 56 (Fastline)
Newcastle York 66/5 (FTL)
York Doncaster R.M.T. 60 (EWS)
Doncaster R.M.T. London King's Cross 92 (EWS)
Saturday 15th Stratford-upon-Avon
(Stobart Pullman) Letchworth Garden City Stratford-upon-Avon 2 x 47 (DRS) (T&T) Times DRS Stobart Rail Tours
Stratford-upon-Avon Letchworth Garden City
Saturday 15th **CANCELLED**
The West Somerset Steam Special
(Blue Pullman) Colchester Minehead 2 x 47 (CR) CAF Heartland Rail
Minehead Colchester
Saturday 15th The Heart of Midlothian Leeds Edinburgh 67 (EWS)
(Steam 60009 Edinburgh-York) Times EWS The Railway Touring Company
York Leeds
Saturday 15th The City of Bath Barrow-in-Furness Bath Spa 2 x 47 (WCRC) (T&T) WCRC West Coast Railways
Bath Spa Barrow-in-Furness
Friday 21st The Easter West Highlander (Day 1)
(Stobart Pullman) London KIng's Cross Edinburgh 2 x 47 (DRS) (T&T) DRS Stobart Rail Tours
Edinburgh Dumbarton Central
Saturday 22nd The Edinburgh Explorer Worcester Shrub Hill Edinburgh 50 (CFA) EWS Pathfinder Tours
Edinburgh Worcester Shrub Hill
Saturday 22nd The Yorkshireman Mill Hill Leicester 67 (EWS)
(Steam 6233 Leicester-York-Leicester) EWS The Railway Touring Company
Leicester Mill Hill
Saturday 22nd The Easter West Highlander (Day 2)
(Stobart Pullman) Dumbarton Central Oban TBA (DRS) (T&T) DRS Stobart Rail Tours
Oban Dumbarton Central
Saturday 22nd The Cumbrian Cruiser (via
Settle & Carlisle)
(Blue Pullman) Bristol Temple Meads Carlisle 2 x 47 (CR) CAF Heartland Rail
Carlisle Bristol Temple Meads
Sunday 23rd The Easter West Highlander (Day 3)
(Stobart Pullman) Dumbarton Central Stranraer TBA (DRS) (T&T) DRS Stobart Rail Tours
Stranraer Dumbarton Central
Monday 24th The Easter West Highlander (Day 4)
(Stobart Pullman) Dumbarton Central Carstairs 2 x 47 (DRS) (T&T) DRS Stobart Rail Tours
Carstairs London King's Cross
Saturday 29th The Derbyshire Peaks Explorer Bedford Buxton 2 x 37/4 (EWS) EWS Kingfisher Railtours
Buxton Bedford
Saturday 29th Heart of Wales Explorer Cardiff Central Llandrindod 55022 EWS Pathfinder Tours
Llandrindod Cardiff Central
Saturday 29th The Dartmouth Express Birmingham International Bristol Temple Meads 67 (EWS)
(Steam 6024 Bristol Temple Meads-Kingswear-Bristol Temple Meads) EWS The Railway Touring Company/Pathfinder Tours
Bristol Temple Meads Birmingham International

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