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Post  loonies125 on Tue Mar 04, 2008 8:14 am

name of station: Wellington (Salop)

how many platforms: 3 (one not in use right now - one towards birmingham new street, the other towards shrewbury, platform three was used about 2-3 years ago for a wellingotn - walsall single car 153 service but all you see is something parked there sometimes (not often) i hope it gets used again)

speed limits: not sure sorry

busy station: not really - towards shrewbury is 10 to the hour and 10 past the hour, train towards birmingham are 35 and 48 past the hour

what toc: LondonMidland and Arriva Trains Wales, in spring we will have Wrexham and Shropshire too

what trains: class 158, 170 rarely 153's, 150's very rarely 156's - we will be getting a 67 with DVT in spring

are shops available?: there is a cafe

is it safe to come after dark? sometimes as long as your at the end of the platforn

staffed station: yes

the stopping trains are every_____minutes here: see busy station, sundays are afew less trians
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